Places to visit at Coorg


Located at the Eastern Slopes of the Western Ghats Coorg in Karnataka is one of the top hill station in india. In this post we are going to see about some of the best places to visit at Coorg. Which is Best known for it’s coffee, cardamom & pepper plantation, white water river rafting & river rafting at coorg.

How To Reach :

By Air :- The nearest Domestic Airport is Mangalore Airport, which is around 150km from Coorg & Banglore International Airport which is 265km approx from Coorg.

By Bus :- Deluxe Bus of K.S.R.T.C runs daily from Banglore, Mysore, Mangalore which will be very convinient for the traveller’s.

Places To Visit At Coorg

Coorg is one of the best place for coffee lovers. A guided walk through the coffee plantation is one of the most popular place in Coorg. Here are some places which can be visited in coorg.


River Rafting

River rafting or White River rafting in Coorg. The hill station is surrounded by the stunning Hill’s Borapole river is the perfect rafting place for Coorg. For this river rafting we need a group of people for the river rafting in the age between 14 – 60years which costs around 1000₹ with all saftey materials included.

River rafting- place to visit at Coorg


Jeep Tour on Plantation

Coffee being their chief cash crop with aeromatic species of cardamom & pepper along with orange blooms teak & rubber with rich flaura & fauna & early morning/evening walk through forest trees offers the visitors a chance to witness natural beauties of surrounding. The abundant variety of rare native species of Flora & Fauna that makes Coorg heaven.

Jeep Tour Plantation= place to visit at coorg



Besides plantation coorg has some various attractions of waterfall. The list includes the one of the most hidden gems. If you are native lovers of waterfall then Abbey Waterfalls will be the best one to see. To reach there you will have to drive up to their entrance point & treck to short distance on foot. The walk itself will give you a refreshing feel. Every falls is located between the lush of coffee plantation & aroma of coffee get’s you to heaven. There is a hanging bridge constructed in fall of the bridge so that one can enjoy the view of the fall

Abbey Waterfall - place to visit at Coorg

Raja Seat

This is the place where king’s used to visit & enjoy the beautiful scene around which literally means “Seats of King’s” which is considered as one of the main important tourist spots in Coorg. The king used to spend the time with his queen in the garden and watching setting of sun. The spot offers a breathtaking view of towering hills, green valleys studded with paddy fields

Raja Seat :- Coorg

Dubare Elephant Camp

It is situated at the hands of the river kaveri in the district of Kodagu.  In the morning time we can able to see the elephant’s & we can interact with elephant such as elephant bathing in the river. Entry fee for the dubare camp is 20₹ & for interaction with elephant the fee is 100₹

Dubare Elephant Camp:- Coorg


Coorg has some most amazing sides for trekking of all kinds of terrain for the enthusiast to explore from (easy to moderately) & (difficulty to extremely) challenging treck. Some of the most popular trekking sites are:-

  • Nishani Betta Trek
  • Brahmagiri Trek
  • Kumara Parvata Trek
  • Kotebetta Trek etc.

Trekking at Coorg


Best way to explore coorg is by booking an accommodation. Coorg offers a various option for visitors to explore the nature.

Types of Accommodation:-

  • luxury hotel stay
  • Coffee plantation stay
  • Forest stay
  • One can even opt for campaigning


It is the place for both Nature & Adventure lovers which offers a quiet number of things to do. An ideal place to spend the weekend, admiring it all around. Choose the kind of jourey when you are comfortable with & head out with your friends to this beautiful region

To enjoy coorg to the fullest you required 3-4 days & One can visit in the month of November – March will be the best season to visit in Coorg.

In this post we saw about the places to visit in Coorg. Stay connected with us for the further more updates. Press the bell icon for the notification. Thankyou

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